We build brands, design interactions and convey ideas.

Transparent is a design agency and consultancy. We create thoughtful visual communication experience in digital and analog environment. We help our clients build strong relationships with their customers through honest and engaging design. Our projects are being mentioned and awarded in a number of competitions, eg. Project of the Year, Mobile Trends Awards, The Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Symbols. Among our clients are:
The National Digital Archives, Polityka Insight, PURO Hotels, ITAKA, Syrena Theater, EUROCASH, Belsat TV, Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, Museum of Polish History, TransparenCEE, University of Warsaw, Polish Development Fund, WKB.

Our philosophy

We have rules and values we are guided by.
And we are glad to work with those who have theirs.


Talking openly about important things is a part of active attitude. We believe that the brave make change and get noticed and remembered. We help to build an image coherent with brand values, strengthening it and contributing to its identity. We make ideas visible.


Today, when information flows fast and easily, transparency gets prior for both public institutions and companies. Information availability and clarity of communication is a proof of the integrity of the company or institution. With a well thought design we show respect to the customers.

Visual communication

Modern communication is made of visuals. Aesthetics is not only a frame for communication—it determines the way words are percepted. We tell stories using a properly chosen visual language.

Invisible media

The best media is that you do not see behind the message. We care about the quality of our projects to ensure the smooth communication. We are looking for the most effective way to achieve the goals both in digital and analog environment.

Our services

  • Design consultancy
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Naming
  • Art direction
  • Design management
  • Editorial design
  • Package design
  • Service design
  • Interaction design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development