TV for freedom

Belsat is an independent Belarussian TV, alternative to the regime media. We designed and developed a website which works as a tool for transmitting the message to Internet users. Mobile app of our design enables fast access to the fresh articles and current TV program.

Belsat TV / TVP
UX Design, Web Design, Web Development, App Design

Home page

By segmenting news into various sections we succeeded in exposing the content on the home page in a way that maintains user's attention as long as possible and offers them a wide selection of topics.

I had had quite many doubts concerning the length of the main page, but I was persuaded and I have no regrets! Users scroll down to the end of the page. I often get a feedback that it is finally easy to find everything you need on the website. Many people have a feeling that we have more content because it is better exposed. That confirms that it was a good idea and decision! Minimalistic stylish graphics, functional design and timely work. Great job!

Volha Shved

Editor-in-chief and director of

Readability first

While designing an article page we were striving for the dimensions of text column that allow convenient reading. At present information services are being read mostly on mobile devices. That's why we took care of the mobile version so it gives the reader the same comfort of content perception.

Television on the Internet

Belsat is not only an Internet information service – first of all, it's the satellite TV. The website alllows a user to watch the channel online, check a TV program for the upcoming week, as well as watch the episodes of the programs that were already released.

Mobile app

We designed a mobile app dedicated to Android system that corresponds with Google Material Design standards. You can add episodes from TV program to the calendar as well as put some articles 'on the shelf' to read later.

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